8 most beautiful cabins from the book Cabin Porn: Inside

Do you like small cottages surrounded by beautiful nature and inside with a unique atmosphere? That’s what the Cabin Porn series by Zach Klein certainly tells you something.

The word Cabin has been inflected very often lately as more and more people long to escape from the busy city. Peace, quiet, no wifi, and beautiful nature. This is probably how the environment in which these small houses are located could be described. After several recommendations of this series of books, one of them finally got into my hands – Cabin Porn: Behind the door. The book is full of photos of small cottages from around the world. There is a shorter or longer story attached to all of them, and I would like to introduce you today to the ones that appealed to me the most. It must be said that all cottages are something interesting, authentic, and their stories of origin very interesting.

I chose my 8 “best”, in which I found the greatest balance between interior and exterior. For many of them, I liked only the interior or, conversely, only the exterior. I definitely recommend the book to anyone who might want to be inspired, you definitely don’t have to be an expert on architecture or cottages to read/view it. In most of the chat rooms presented in the book, it is even possible to stay, so you can find great tips on where to spend your next vacation. And don’t expect any rotten cottages, there is really a choice from more luxurious modern cottages, through treetop cottages to cottages that were built from what the surroundings gave.

1. Cuckoo’s nest

Authors: Åse Kristine Mæsel Trydal og Jens Trydal
Location: Gjerstad, Norway
Photos: www.trehyttene.no

6 meters above the ground floats a beautiful cottage in the treetops with breathtaking views of the countryside. The name Cuckoo’s Nest is really suitable for this cottage. Cute on the outside but inside with a modern interior reflecting Scandinavian style. That’s why I was fascinated by this cottage and I believe it must be a really great experience to spend the night there.

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Příspěvek sdílený Trehyttene (@trehyttene)

2. Bird hut

Author: Studio North
Location: Windermere, British Columbia
Photos: www.studionorth.ca/bird-hut

In fact, almost literally a birdhouse. Why? Not only does it have such a shape, but on one side of the facade are embedded several real birdhouses. However, their sizes are not just random, they are built especially for species living in this landscape. From the inside, the booths serve as shelves. This is how this cottage won me over, because it also thinks of other inhabitants and visitors than just the human ones.

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Příspěvek sdílený Studio North (@studio_north)

3. Hut 01

Author: Getaway Projects
Location: Lettele, Netherlands
Photos: www.getawaydeluxe.com/cabin01

Wonderful modern cottage ideal for spending a weekend out of town. If someone is a little more demanding and classic camping and living in low-cost homes is not for him, then he will like this. I myself am not a completely adventurer and lover of camping, so I call this a big yes. The cottage is surrounded by pastures and forest, so privacy is guaranteed.

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Příspěvek sdílený Getaway Deluxe (@getawaydeluxe)

4. Raven house

Author: Pete Long
Location: 1000 ostrovů, Ontario
Photos: www.fashionmagazine.com, www.ravenhouse-design.ca

If the cottages have appealed to you so much that you are considering your position, you can also have an exact copy of this modern raven’s nest. The project for this cottage can be purchased directly on the website and you can also buy a consultation on the drawings so that you can understand everything and enjoy your own nest as soon as possible. Both the exterior and interior are really stylish and the cottage is spacious enough for more than just two people.

5. Bent Apple Farm

Authors: Ben Sargent
Location: Londonderry, Vermont
Photos: www.foxsbackpack.com

This is how I imagine a classic cottage, which is inherited from generation to generation. Traditional family reunions, chopping wood for the winter, and evenings in blankets around the stove. The cozy and unique atmosphere of this cottage is unbelievable.

6. The Eco Huts, Kimo Estate

Author: David Ferguson
Location: Gundagai, Austrálie
Photos: Hilary Bradford, Jaclyn Lisa

This place is ideal for demanding cottages longing for views of the countryside and privacy. And if you like this place so much that you can imagine a wedding here, then it can easily come true. There are spaces on the farm for such instagram dream weddings, such as a beautiful spacious barn.

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Příspěvek sdílený Kimo Estate (@kimoestate)

7. Out of the Valley Cabin by Rupert McKelvie

Author: Out of the Valley
Location: Devon, Anglie
Photos: www.dezeen.com

Another beautiful modern cottage both outdoors and indoors. Light wood in combination with white space optically enlarge the cottages and thus looks a bit minimalist. On an area of 24 square meters, however, everything is needed for the temporary operation of 2 people. On the roof, the cottage has solar panels so that it is not necessary to conduct electricity through the countryside.

8. The Danish Cabin

Author: Louise Middleton
Location: Cornwall, Anglie
Photos: george fielding, cat vinton

Would you believe that a cottage called Danish and looking like a tropical landscape is actually located in the south west of England? At first glance, it looks very open, but it can be closed at night and can even accommodate at least 6 people. I really like the connection with nature. Both the footbridge that takes you to the cottage and the trees that overgrow the terrace.

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So which one fascinated you the most? Write me in the comments or share some of your favorite cottages with others. Inspiration is never enough 🙂

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